For callouts, my fee is £40 for the first hour and then £20 for any subsequent hour. If it goes a little over the hour or something has happened during the callout where it feels the extra fees are unfair I’m generally quite relaxed about the price, but this is at my discretion. Generally, most on-site visits last an hour and I’ll advise you if I anticipate it to take much longer.

If during a callout it becomes apparent that your equipment will have to be taken off-site to continue the repair, the fees are then calculated on an off-site repair basis.

Sometimes during collection of your equipment I will have to inspect the symptoms of the issue you’re having on-site before taking it away. If this is the case, there is no hourly-charge for the time I spend inspecting the repair.

For off-site repairs, I offer free collection and delivery from the Coalville area.

Generally, if a repair is only software related the fee will be £40-50 total in almost all cases. If the repair involves hardware the labour fee will be £40-50 plus the cost of hardware which will be discussed with you before any work continues.

If a job is particularly time consuming or complex the labour fee may change. In these cases, we will negotiate a price prior to work starting.

If you chose to forego a repair after diagnostics have been completed and a solution offered to you, there is a diagnostic fee of £20. If you choose to cancel your repair after repair work has already been started, the full repair fee will be applied.

If you require me to visit your site for a day, my day rate is £120 for a maximum of 8 hours per day. If the intended work is completed prior to the end of the working day the full day rate still applies as the day will have been allocated to you and I will be unable to visit any other customers afterwards.