A free collection and delivery service is available for all repairs which cannot be completed on site. This is only applicable for addresses within a 7 mile radius of Coalville, Leicestershire.

All on site repairs are charged at £60 for the first hour, then £20 for each subsequent hour. For work which takes longer than three hours, reduced rates are available. Please note that most on-site repairs are completed within an hour.

Not all repairs can be completed on site. In these cases, the fee will be discussed with the customer before work continues. If less than half an hour has been spent on site before determining that it must be taken off-site to complete, that time is considered a free collection as part of the free collection service and not billed for.

Before ordering any parts specific to your repair, the cost of those parts will be quoted for and the repair will await your go-ahead before any further work continues.

Abandoned Repairs

Customer assets that haven’t been collected for 6 months after the initial contact has been made to arrange collection will be presumed abandoned and may be destroyed or recycled appropriately after reminders for collection have been sent. We will make every effort to notify you of this before proceeding.

No Fix No Fee

In rare cases that The Coalville Computer Nerd is unable to fix a particular problem through lack of knowledge, you won’t be charged for the service.

You will still be charged if:

  • The repair is terminated because you would prefer not to proceed after the diagnostic process and a solution for your repair has been offered.
  • You are unable to provide the engineer with the necessary information or original software required to continue the repair, for example: Genuine software, licence and activation keys, login details etc.
  • Diagnostics have been performed by The Coalville Computer Nerd but a third party is responsible for the repair, for example: Internet connection issues caused by your internet service provider etc. In most cases, The Coalville Computer Nerd will be happy to assist you with communications with the third party on your behalf if you do not feel confident doing so yourself.

You will still be charged for any parts purchased to complete a repair if you have already agreed on the cost of the parts and the repair using those parts has already started if you decide to terminate the repair.

Data Management

While every effort is made to care for the data on your device, The Coalville Computer Nerd will not be held responsible for any loss of your data while your equipment is in our care. We recommend that you create a backup of any important information stored on your device before you use our (or any other) services. If you would like advice on creating backups, please contact us.