Terms and Conditions

Pricing Terms

Before performing any piece of work, you will be advised on the eventual time to perform the work and the cost. Note that the cost is mostly dependable on time, which can only be loosely estimated, because of this you may be charged less or more than estimated. You will be notified before work continues if the price will exceed the originally estimated cost.

All on-site repairs are charged at £40 for the first hour, then £20 for each subsequent hour. For work orders which take longer than three hours, reduced rates are available. Please note that most on-site repairs can be completed within the hour.

Not all repairs can be processed on site. In these cases, the fee will be discussed with the customer before work continues.

Before ordering in any parts specific to your equiptment, the cost of those parts will be agreed with you.

No Fix No Fee

In rare cases that The Coalville Computer Nerd is unable to fix a particular problem through lack of knowledge, you won't be charged for the service.

You will still be charged if:

You will also still be charged for any parts purchased specifically to complete your repair, but only if you have previously agreed to this.

Data Management

While every effort is made to care for the data on your device, The Coalville Computer Nerd will not be held responsible for any loss of your data while your equiptment is in our care. We recommend that you create a full backup of your important information before you use our (or any other!) services. If you would like advice on creating backups, please contact us.